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For him, war is an idea, like dueling or slavery. Donovan Webster, a former editor at Outside magazine, has written an eyewitness account of the impossible tasks involved with removing armaments that continue to kill. Title: Remnants of a War (2009) Runtime: 1 hr. With John Jarvis. The Remnants of War (Cornell Studies in Security. In the 2006 war between Hezbollah and Israel, one million cluster bomb munitions rained down upon the fields, orchards and villages of South Lebanon. Remnants of War ‘Remnants Of War’ is Helstar’s sophomore effort and another unforgettable release from the classic power metal band. Remnants of War: Cluster Bombs in Lebanon ( The Washington Post Company. REMNANTS OF A WAR A documentary film. Remnants of War (album) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Remnants of War is a power metal album by Helstar released by Combat in 1986